Kansas City DUI Attorneys – Five Reasons it is Critical You Hire a Lawyer When Arrested for DUI

Drunk Driving Crash Aftermath Kansas CityDo you really need a DUI attorney to help you navigate the Kansas City Courts?

When you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence in Kansas City?  After all, if you’re guilty why bother?  The fact is, there are some very good reasons to hire a lawyer when you have been charged with DUI, not the least of which is it may be possible for a skilled attorney to have the charges against you dropped, although that can never be guaranteed.

Here are a few of the reasons you should consider hiring a skilled and aggressive – best Kansas City DUI defense lawyer:

Attorneys who are appointed by the court do not specialize in cases involving DUI.  This means that the results may not be as favorable as they could be if you were to hire a lawyer who does specialize in providing legal representation for those charged with driving under the influence.

Kansas City helpful DUI attorneys are often capable of having fines reduced.  Those who are convicted on charges of driving under the influence often incur penalties which include steep fines.  A seasoned lawyer may be able to have those fines reduced considerably.

Competent lawyers can often have jail time reduced.  While every attorney’s goal is to have the charges completely dismissed, this is not always possible in every case.  However, a capable attorney can often have jail time reduced so that his or her client spends less time behind bars.

Trusted DUI lawyers in Kansas City are experienced with field sobriety tests.  Most skilled attorneys know that field sobriety tests aren’t always performed properly, and the reliability of those tests can be questionable.  Your attorney will challenge not only those results, but the validity of blood/breath tests as well.

Skilled attorneys have the necessary expertise to present evidence in a way that is relevant.  While you may feel that all of the evidence stacks up against you, your lawyer knows how to use evidence in your favor.  Police make mistakes just like everyone else; your attorney will review police reports, question police, examine the evidence, challenge test results and more in order to find any and all possible weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

It all boils down to one simple fact:  the court will be prepared to convict you which will impact your future in more negative ways than you understand.  Shouldn’t you be prepared to fight on your own behalf?  The best possible action you can take to protect your future, freedom and career is to consult with the best Kansas City DUI lawyer and criminal defense law firm.

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