Kansas City DUI Attorney – Why Those Arrested Must Hire a Lawyer

Drinking Driving DUI kansas cityMost people who are pulled over by police and arrested for driving under the influence do not think they need a Kansas City DUI attorney – particularly if it is their first offense.  Today, operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance is a criminal offense.  Unlike a few decades ago when the punishment was hardly more than a slap on the wrist, the penalties are serious today.  Even a first-time offender may find him or herself facing jail time, monetary fines, a suspended driver’s license and more.

Kansas City DUI lawyers know that over the past years, punishment for those who choose to driver under the influence has become much more harsh due to lawmakers, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and others who want to stomp out drunk driving.  This is totally understandable, but there are times when individuals are charged with DUI when they are innocent, or have only a very small amount to drink and are perfectly capable of driving safely.

It is perhaps even more important that you consult with a DUI attorney in Kansas City if you are a repeat offender.  With each arrest and conviction, the consequences become even more harsh.  Jail time increases, fines increase, and you may lose your driver’s license permanently.  Additionally, you may be required to attend drunk driving school – and the odds of your insurance company dropping coverage get higher with each offense.

Not only are the dui penalties harsh, those who are convicted of driving under the influence face other negative consequences as well.  Your reputation and career may be ruined, as well as relationships.  You will have a criminal record, which can make securing employment extremely difficult.  If there are other circumstances involved, such as an accident was caused because of driving in an impaired state or someone was injured, the punishment becomes even harsher.

Kansas City DUI lawyers understand the laws regarding DUI; they also know that police make mistakes, prosecutors are often overzealous, and there are defense strategies that can lead to a dismissal of the charges if effective.  Regardless of the situation, the primary goal of your attorney will be to have the charges against you dismissed or reduced, so that there is less negative impact on your life.  Whether it is your first offense or fourth, you must consult with an aggressive DUI attorney in Kansas City immediately.

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