Kansas City Bus Crash Injures 13 Onboard and 2 Others

bus accident kansas city moRecently, a frightening Kansas City bus crash in the KC Missouri area left 13 injured passengers along with 2 others injured in the vehicle that was involved in the accident.  In all, 16 people were involved in the crash, 14 of those hospitalized in four local hospitals.  Roads were reported to be wet and slippery when the auto accident took place.

Kansas City personal injury lawyers represent individuals who sustain serious injuries in any type of accident, including bus crashes.  Regardless of whether the accident was the fault of the bus driver or the other vehicle involved, you may be entitled to compensation if your injuries require medical treatment or cause you to be unable to work.

News reports indicate that a car pulled from a service station out into the road in front of the bus.  The bus then clipped the car, causing it to swerve to the right and roll down an embankment where it landed upside down.  Most of the injuries suffered by those involved were minor, though a few were serious.  Non were life-threatening, and many believe that the rain-slicked roads played a major part in the accident, as the silver car’s tires could not get traction to get over the hill.

While 13 injuries is a substantial number, thankfully no one died a wrongful death in the crash or suffered injuries which were life-threatening.  Regardless of how victims are injured, when it is the fault of another party you may be eligible for compensation of not only medical costs, but lost wages, future income if you are unable to work for the long term, pain and suffering, repair to any property damaged in the accident and more.

Kansas City personal injury attorneys represent injured victims involved in all types of accidents including bus crashes, car or motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, because of medical negligence or nursing home abuse, or who are injured in the normal use or consumption of defective products or drugs.  While serious car accidents are the leading cause of catastrophic injuries across the U.S., other circumstances involving negligence or misconduct often lead to injury as well. You survived a car accident, now what?

Hopefully those 13 who sustained injuries on board the bus that crashed in Kansas City had capable legal representation, particularly those who were seriously injured.  Without a qualified injury lawyer, it is doubtful that those injured will receive the full damages they are entitled to.  No matter how you are injured, never settle with the insurance company or take matters into your own hands without first consulting with a skilled Kansas City personal injury attorney.

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