Are Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyers Really Necessary When Someone is Injured?

injured in kansas city missouriYou’ve suffered a serious injury in an accident, serious enough that you require medical treatment or cannot work.  Instead of contacting a Kansas City injury lawyer to handle your claim, you decide you will save some money and represent yourself.  This story is all too familiar, and unfortunately does not end well for the injured victim.  Why?

Even though you are the one who was injured because of another party’s negligence or malicious conduct, the burden of proving that individual or party was negligent lies on your shoulders.  The average person without the legal training, experience and skill of a Kansas City personal injury attorney has no idea what is required in order to prove your case.  You must submit evidence, present medical and police reports if applicable, interview witnesses, make sure documents are filed properly and in a timely manner and more.  If you decide you will just settle with the insurance company, good luck.  Insurance companies do their level best to pay out low-ball settlements to injured victims – and will even use tactics such as putting partial blame on you in order to pay you as little as possible.

If you think you cannot afford to hire an experienced injury lawyer in Kansas City, you can.  Today, the majority of personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means they only take a percentage of the award they recover for you (usually about one third) if they win your case.  This means you pay no fees upfront, so you do not face out-of-pocket expenses that will put you further into debt.

Further, a Missouri personal injury attorney will only accept your case if confident of a win; otherwise, he or she would not get paid.  In the majority of cases you never have to file a lawsuit or go before a jury, as most seasoned lawyers are capable of securing the full damages you deserve out of court, whether through negotiations with the insurance company or with the responsible party’s attorney.

You may not even be aware of the full compensation you are entitled to.  While most people know they should be compensated for medical costs, some never think of related expenses such as lost wages, or even future income if further medical treatment is required at a future date.  You may be eligible for pain and suffering as well.  Your Missouri personal injury lawyer will work to determine the full value of your claim, so that you are not under compensated.

If you have been considering representing yourself after being injured because of someone else’s negligence, please reconsider.  The expense you will likely face by going it on your own will ultimately be far more than what you would spend hiring a capable attorney to handle the legal issues for you.

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