A Kansas City DUI Attorney Will Make Sure Your Rights Are Protected

drunk before driving in Kansas City MOAre you the recent subject of an inquiry into drunk driving? Were you pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence, or DUI? Did you register with a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit for Kansas City, such that now, you’re facing DUI charges? If you’ve been pulled over for DUI, you need a DUI in Kansas City to represent you in your case – even if you’re innocent. Here’s why.

“Innocent” does not necessarily mean “not guilty”

You may be innocent of driving under the influence, but that’s not good enough to prevent having to go through the court system to prove that innocence. If you try to manage your case yourself or do so only with the help of an inexperienced public defender, you could find yourself facing fines, loss of your driver’s license, or even jail time – yes, even if you’re innocent. A good and experienced Kansas City DUI lawyer will help make sure that your interests are represented fairly and that your innocence is protected.

You need to have experienced attorney as your mouthpiece

Again, you can very well be innocent and still be seen as guilty – even having to serve jail time, pay fines, or lose your license. Law enforcement is out to get drunk drivers, and rightly so. Drunk driving is a serious offense that kills or injures countless victims every year. However, even the best law enforcement officials can be overzealous and can erroneously try to get a confession out of you that you’ve done drunk driving even when you haven’t – or simply assume you’ve been a drunk driver when nothing could be further from the truth. When you’ve got a good Kansas City DUI attorney on your side, and you retain him or her right away as soon as you know you are in need of his or her services, your rights will be protected so that you are sure to have a truly fair day in court, whereby you can prove your innocence.

You need an experienced lawyer to help you build your case

When you hire an experienced Kansas City DUI attorney to represent you as soon as you are told you’ve been suspected of drunk driving, he or she will become very familiar with your case such that your representation will be as good as it can be. Even the best attorney can’t do the best job possible if you hire him or her only when your case is well underway; hire an attorney as soon as you can, however, and you will truly have due process available to you so that your innocence is proven and you can put this behind you.

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